FPGA4GPC – International Conference on FPGA Reconfiguration for General-Purpose Computing 2018

The international Conference on FPGA will take place on 26-27 June 2018 at ENSTA Bretagne,  Brest, France

Conference Scope and Aim

The International Conference on FPGA Reconfiguration for General-Purpose Computing 2018 (FPGA4GPC) focusses on novel work in the field of reconfigurable systems optimized for the use in a general-purpose environment. In contrast to reconfigurable systems in High Performance Computing (HPC) the requirements are very different and flexibility is more important than speed. Also, a good operating system support is essential for easy system integration and system development. The aim of the conference is to provide a forum for intensive discussion and presentation of work in the field of reconfigurable system in General-Purpose Computing (GPC). It brings together researchers from different fields, such as Operating System Development, FPGA Development with and without Partial Runtime Reconfiguration and Software development for FPGA Accelerator Hardware.

The topics of the conference will include, but are not limited to:

  • Reconfigurable architectures with focus on general-purpose computing and partial runtime reconfiguration
  • Network on Chips, supporting the use in a general-purpose environment
  • Operating system extensions, supporting reconfigurable systems (no SDK)
  • Full operating systems for reconfigurable systems
  • Standard communication infrastructures between Operating System and reconfigurable components
  • Virtualization architectures using reconfiguration
  • New FPGA architectures and technologies for optimized runtime reconfiguration support
  • Applications for Partial Runtime Reconfigurable Systems
  • Software using FPGA Accelerator Hardware
  • Tools simplifying the development of FPGA designs

Accepted and presented papers will be published in the proceedings of the conference and we plan to publish high quality papers in the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library, if they are accepted by IEEE.


FPGA4GPC 2018 is organized by :